Thursday, November 28, 2013

Happy Thanksgiving!

It's this time of year where we all get together as a family and give thanks.So eat turkey and a slice of pie!

xoxo The Stylenomics

Sunday, October 13, 2013

#ThrowBack To Summer

The End of Summer = The End of Social Life
As Jess, Sophia and I enter our senior year of high school, we are bombarded with school related activities (a.k.a the college process). Ever since this summer, we've been getting ready for the college process. We've been writing countless essays, artist statement, creating artwork, volunteering and getting our act together. As it is October 14, 2013, we are extremely busy with the whole college process and we will still try and post a thing or two on the blog as we are still committed to this blog and to our viewers.

This post is a major throwback to the summer that we needed after our hectic junior year. We were hanging out in the Lower East Side and walked past a Bareburger. And we all know how much I love a good old fashion burger, so I couldn't resist. Please enjoy these delicious pictures courtesy of me.


even yummer

we're a happy camper

Sophia in profile
Jess is always texting

Monday, May 27, 2013

Clothing & Makeup Haul

Brandy Melville, American Apparel and Vintage Levi's

Shopping is my cardio. Jess and I went shopping at night in Soho and oh my god, Brandy Melville was less crowded. This is was my first experience shopping at night and I loved it. Walking around the streets of Soho with the glistering city lights above you was a spectacular sight. I recommend shopping at night to anyone. I didn't get much, just a few articles of clothing. First, starting from the right was a great find in some vintage store in Soho, was a vintage studded Levi's jacket. This jacket is a bit bigger than my current Levi's jacket but it will do. I've been looking for a light washed studded Levi's jacket everywhere for a decent price, but I lucked out. Surprisingly I came upon this acid washed one for $20. To me that was a steal. I've seen these kind of jackets at Urban and Esty for $80+. The next article of clothing is the American Apparel Corduroy Circle Skirt. I've tried this circle skirt on before and I didn't like the look on me so I couldn't justify buying it for $45. I decided to go into the AA Soho Outlet to see what they had and luckily I found a section with circle skirts and there was only one black corduroy in my size. It was fate that it was for me to get and I did for $25. Thank goodness that I bought this on impulse because I love it. I've been wearing this every week, and since it's black it goes with everything. Lastly, we went to Brandy Melville. Surprisely they didn't have anything I really wanted. I saw that they had a bin that had stuff on sale for 35%, stuff that was last season or damaged and I came upon a basic grey tee. I thought the tee would go nicely with the circle skirt so I bought.
Makeup Forever, Stila and Sigma

All year round I try to make my makeup minimal and have a natural and clean look on my face. I usually stick with concealer, foundation and eyeliner. My typical go-to look for school or just hanging out around the city. I thought it was time to stock up on some of my favorite basics from Sephora. I also bought a Sigma foundation brush to go along with my foundation. Before I used my fingers to apply my foundation and I read tons of reviews of the F80 and everyone recommended it so I decided to jump the wagon and purchased it. Next, is the Stila eyeliner. This eyeliner is my go-to eyeliner. It's a felt-tip liner that allows you to make thin or thick lines. It does what it says; it stays on all day.

Summer Picks: Shoe Heaven

Top Row: Urban Outfitters (not on site anymore), FreePeople, Urban Outfitters Bottom Row: Solestruck, Steve Madden

    Sorry its been a long time since we last posted anything. Our school life has been crazy and especially with SAT/ACT and AP's taking place, but we're BACK! So, here is my long awaited shoe picks for the glorious summer waiting ahead. Starting from the top row is my new favorite ankle boots. The Jeffrey Campbell "Rosie" is the perfect shoe for the tomboy. This boot can go with practically anything, from a floral dresses to a pair of distressed boyfriend jeans. Moving to the next shoe is a pair of studded converse. This is also perfect for anyone who is going for that effortless look. It's sporty, casual and flirty, perfect for the summer! This is also an easy Do It Yourself project with some of your girlfriends. Now what is summer without a good pair of sandals? These black and brown sandals from Urban Outfitters are the perfect sandals for the summer. Both the black and the brown go perfectly with dresses and high waisted shorts.
    The bottom row showcases the heel portion of my list. I am in love with wearing white in the summer. Something about white in the summer screams fresh and clean. This first shoe is from Solestruck (forgot the brand, but pretty sure it's Jeffrey Campbell) is the perfect mixture of a creeper, a wedge and a chunky heel. I love the laser cutout details and the wood wedge with a chunky heel that makes it easy to walk in. This shoe is the perfect shoe to dress up an outfit but still have a clean grunge feel. The next two shoes are from Steve Madden. The white strappy heel adds a flirtatious sense to an outfit. I can see anyone wearing this heel in some high waisted shorts or some flowy dresses. And lastly, what is summer with out some flower power. I wanted to find the perfect floral print heel for the summer and I think I did. Strappy heels are so on-trend this season. They walked all over New York, Paris and Milan runways. This floral pair is an easy to add a pop of color to someone's outfit. 


Thursday, April 4, 2013

Fashion Icon: Rumi Reely

We all know Rumi Neely as Fashion Toast, a well-known style blog that showcases Neely as being the epitome of west coast style with a hit of east coast. Her style is a bit of everything, it's grunge, it's chic, it's street, it's effortless, it's simple, and it's timeless.
This is one of the many looks that I love from Neely. I love how she incorporates menswear with a feminine twist in her style.

I also love this love because she incorporates high end items with inexpensive pieces. In this particular look she paired off her Monki suede tshirt with a Brandy Melville skirt and last but not least she finished the look with her Balenciaga boots.

I love this sweater!!!
I love how she wore her fur coat.

Tuesday, March 26, 2013

☯ I'd sell my soul for these soles ☯

☯ I'd sell my soul for these soles ☯

Christian Louboutin pointy-toe pumps / High heels / Flower print shoes / Tan booties / Short heel shoes / Stretch boots

Who needs a boyfriend when you have shoes? Not me, obviously. Quite recently I've been taking to browsing online, debating what my next pair would be, and these are my choice for kicks that would kick off any outfit.

Starting from the top of the pyramid:

Dr.Martens "Roma" High heeled Loafer-  As you can see from the shoes I chose, I'm trying to branch out into heels, and I think these are adorable. They're the perfect finishing touch for vintage-y dresses, which is exactly how I intend to style them, if I'm lucky enough to get my hands on these beauties.

Nita Velvet Oxford - Starstruck- Now, three trends I can never resist are oxblood, velvet and oxfords, and these shoes just happened to be all three of those things, wrapped up in one adorable little star-covered package. I think these would look amazing with high waisted skinnies, minimal makeup  and a relaxed t-shirt for just an effortlessly cool look.

Max Oxford in White Floral- I feel like these are the type of shoes a princess would wear on her day off. Not gonna lie, I would probably prostitute myself for them. While the rather vintage oxford style along with bright florals may not be everyone's style, I think they're perfect for spring and summer (and winter and fall to brighten up the dreary weather)..

Badlands Ankle Boot in Wine - I don't know what my obsession is with having shoes that much my hair color, but in the words of the great Wendy "whateva". These have a totally 70's vibe, they're just screaming to be worn with disco pants and a crop top. Or a tied maxi skirt and tank. Either works.

Christian Louboutin Pointy Toe Pumps - These are both the classy-est and the most expensive of my shoe choices. Personally I think these are the ideal pair of black heels, simple and well constructed. The red sole adds just the right amount of flair to make a statement without being too over-the-top.

Alla Buckled Bootie - These are the most bitching pair of shoes ever. I love the chunky heel, which provides height without being hard to walk in and is just oh-so 90s. I think the gold hardware and cutouts make you look so bad ass that you could walk around in the girly-est outfit ever, but if you wore these shoes people would respect you.

Everly Cutout Boot - Tan Perforated- Ankle boots are a great staple shoe to have. They look adorable with jeans, but can also be fancies up with a dress or transitioned into summer by pairing them with shorts. I think these are a great twist on the classic item. The cutouts and perforations make them perfect for when you are wearing them for summer, but also allow you to great creative with socks in the colder seasons! I am in love.

                                                                                Happy Spring Break to all!,

Sunday, March 24, 2013

Outfit of The Day: Denim on Denim


The wind made my baby hair go cray- cray 
 Vintage Levi's jacket/ American Apparel Top/American Apparel Jeans/Jeffrey Campbell "Everly" boot

Hola my lovely readers. Clearly, today I woke up and had the urge to wear everything denim (minus the shoes). Today in NYC it felt warm for the first time in a long time. Jess and I totally took advantage of this beautiful spring break weather and walked around our beautiful city. We danced around the streets, acted like teenagers and didn't have a care in the world. We finally got some well deserved R and R (rest and recreation) from our busy school life and finally got a chance to hang out for the whole day.
 I rocked three different washes of denim and I loved it. I've always loved the idea of denim on denim and it's making a huge comeback from the disastrous denim on denim duo from Britney Spears and Justin Timberlake. Well, it's time for me to start some of my spring break homework. What's the point in having a break if it's not truly a break? 
You guys have to wait and see what I will wear next, so check us out daily!!!